Вакансія: проєктний координатор

4 січня 2022
Вакансія: проєктний координатор

Український центр Ненасильницького спілкування та примирення «Простір Гідності» оголошує вакансію на посаду проєктного координатора.

Заявки надсилати  до 17 січня 2022 року

Projects Coordinator

Kyiv-based NGO “Ukrainian Centre for Nonviolent Communication and Reconciliation “Dignity Space” has been working in Ukraine for over 6 years in the Peacebuilding sphere to support development of the culture of dialogue by introducing PeaceEngineering techniques and skills for preventing and/or resolving social conflicts at the various stages and at different levels of Ukrainian society.

The Centre organises and facilitates learning and practicing spaces in PeaceEngineering across the country featuring certified Non-violent communication (NVC, ​Nonviolent Communication) trainers, as well as PeaceEngineers and other local and international professionals specialising in peaceful conflict resolution, conflict prevention and crisis communication.

The vacancy of a Projects coordinator has been announced for the entire work of the Centre, but with special attention to the Centre’s largest project “Dialogue for Conflict Resolution” (until July 31, 2022).

The scope of responsibilities of the Projects coordinator colleague will include (but not limited to):

Our future Colleague will have the following skills and personal qualities:

Our new College will experience working in the Centre to:

If You have all the qualities and a personal interest in undertaking this job offer, please, send your CV and motivation letter to info@dignityspace.org before 17th of January 2022 with the topic “Projects coordinator opening”.