Carl Plesner

Expert in social restorative processes

Certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (CNVC)

Reconciliation and restorative justice Specialist, mediator, a certified specialist on crisis negotiations (Denmark-Ukraine)

Co-founder and coordinator of "Peace Engineers" School's curriculum (Ukraine)

Carl Plesner (Denmark-Ukraine) is an Expert in social restorative processes, certified trainer in Nonviolent Communication (CNVC, USA), mediator, facilitator, reconciliation and restorative justice specialist, mediator, certified specialist on crisis negotiations (International Association of Hostage Negotiators, USA). He acts as a mediator in conflicts, facilitates reconciliation and social restorative processes. The main objective of his practice is to restore dignity and humanity of those affected by physical or psychological abuse. Carl Plesner conducts dialogue facilitation, Nonviolent Communication, mediation and crisis negotiation trainings. He has been working as a mediator in Danish police for more than 5 years; he has been a dialogue facilitation counselor in OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine for 2 years; has experience in working in India, Israel, Palestine Ukraine (Euromaidan, war in Eastern Ukraine). Following violent events of Euromaidan and outbreak of war in Eastern Ukraine he together with her wife Olena Hantsyak initiated the inception of Ukrainian Centre for Nonviolent Communication and Reconciliation “Dignity Space”. Nowadays he cooperates with the Centre in such projects as Peace Engineers School, facilitates restorative processes and advises in advocacy questions in peace building field in Ukraine. Carl also conducts educational events, supervisional and consultative sessions for nongovernmental organizations, educational institutions, business and state sector in Denmark, Ukraine and other countries.