Workshop of Kirsten Kristensen on the NVC and strategic planning

December 9, 2017
Workshop of Kirsten Kristensen on the NVC and strategic planning

Workshops for facilitators and psychologists, that lasted three days, was held December 9, 2017, with the partner Danish organization LIVKOM with the support of the SICU duration of 3 days. The workshop was attended by certified trainers from the NVC and Kirsten Christensen.

At the end of the training, trainers and participants were able to share their impressions and emotions:

“These 3 deeply meaningful days with The Network of Dialogue Facilitators in Ukraine has come to an end.
They have many years of experience in the field of dialogue, reconciliation, conflict resolution, post-traumatic rehabilitation, social cohesion, leadership, strategic planning using non-strength communication methods, regenerative circles, and participative methods. More than 20 of its members are active at both the national and regional level. Among the international organizations working with the Network are the United Nations Development Program, the OSCE, the International Organization for Migration, the Initiatives of Change, MediatEur and others.
Thank you Dignity Space and LIVKOM for support and funding of this event!”

Kirsten Kristensen

“Meeting with Kirsten Kristensen, that happened during the training, held on the 9–11 of December 2017. is, indeed, a gift from the Universe. I am grateful for the opportunity to take part in the training for the ‘Dignity Space’ and my friends from NVC! !”
Nataliia Mudrak

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