“Heart of the warrior” got to know the method of Nonviolent Communication.

December 15, 2017
“Heart of the warrior” got to know the method of Nonviolent Communication.

During the 13–15 December representatives of the organization Heart of the warrior, the team of volunteers and employees of the organizations got acquainted with the method of Nonviolent Communication.

Kirsten Kristensen, certified trainer for Nonviolent Communication explained how can the language of feelings and needs be useful and healing while working with the vulnerable groups.

The workshop was organized in the scopes of the project “Strengthening the institutional capacity” of Dignity Space, Ukraine, being implemented with the help of LIVKOM — Livsberigende Kommunikation (Denmark) and financial support of CISU.

We are grateful for the space provided by the friendly organization Dar*(Gift) Foundation and Valentyna Podhorna especially.

After the meeting Kirsten Kristensen shared some of her impressions and thoughts on Facebook:

“Here a little taste of my second workshop in Kiev, Ukraine:

On our last day, we explored ways to improve self-care and to be more comfortable in facing anger. Participants walked around the need card on the floor with the goal of identifying at least 10 needs that were unmet when they were angry. This creates a very gentle sense of understanding our own anger, and therefore also having more readiness to receive an expression of anger from others!)

Three very unforgettable and meaningful days for me!

Participants were volunteers in Warrior’s Heart, a project of Healing War Scars Inc., a nonprofit organization founded in the United States in 2014 by Dr Roman Torgovitsky, a Harvard-trained biomedical scientist.
Healing War Scars, Inc (HWS). conduct training which equips veterans to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and post-shock anxiety. They launched a unique program in Ukraine that trains Ukrainian veterans in providing peer-to-peer support and counselling. This innovative training is based on the premise that while many veterans resist opening up to psychotherapists, they naturally bond with other veterans who experienced war.

Thanks to LIVKOM and Dignity Space for organizing this training!

Kirsten Kristensen

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