Empathy, understandung and perception

January 9, 2018
Empathy, understandung and perception

Shame, fear, and anxiety create an auspicious foundation for the emergence of judgments.

When we feel shame or when we feel anxiety concerning some situation, when we are afraid of something or we do feel a threat, it’s very difficult to restrain ourselves from judgments. And in this situation, an enclosed circle emerges, because when we are blamed we do feel affected, we feel shame and start to condemn others or ourselves as if it can ease our state

If we are more caring towards our feelings, thoughts, and expressions. it will be easier to avoid judgments towards others.

We should refrain from judgments, expressing real empathy, even though for a certain level of awareness this process is really difficult

Therefore, in order to learn how to understand another person, firstly you have how to learn to understand yourself.

According to Brene Brown

Illustration — Maria Fabrizio for NPR

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