Dignity Space and Mark Lowther participated in the Severodonetsk workshop

April 26, 2018
Dignity Space and Mark Lowther participated in the Severodonetsk workshop

On the Main Administration of National Police of Ukraine initiative, police officers held a meeting with experts from the Ukrainian Center of nonviolent communication and reconciliation Dignity Space Mark Lowther and Carl Plesner.

“Fundamental rules of the negotiation process with the individual who had captured hostages and the police officer, forms of the non-violent communication, mediation of disputes and arguments, including those made within the scope of criminal proceedings, all of the aforementioned topics and more were carefully gathered for a scratch in the constituent workshop, held at the platform ‘IwantIwill’ (HochuBudu) in Severodonetsk city.”

Mark Lowther, former USA police officer, “Peace Engineers” School’s international trainer, a negotiator on the part of Oregon police unit, USA) has shared his experience on the issue of crisis negotiation, public relations and engagement with those people who suffer from mental disorders and autism.

Carl Plesner, certified trainer with Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), mediator, Reconciliation and restorative justice Specialist (Denmark). Taking into consideration his experience, Carl explained how the level and causes of stress should be defined, which preceded conflicts, including violent as well, and, which is more significant, various methods and ways of conflict resolution.

“International experience of the conflict resolutions throughout the negotiation processes will, indeed, become really useful and handly for Ukrainian police officers. The implementation and adaptation of the experience in the nowadays conditions in Ukraine will definitely help to lift up the collaboration between police officers and the inhabitants on the new level.”
(Luhansk region Police Department press-office)

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