Mission and Principles

Dignity Space is an initiative founded by the coordinators of the voluntary network Evacuation + (E +) and the Ukrainian Coordination Center for International Aid for EuroMaidan Victims with the support of foreign specialists from the international network of non-violent communication. (The Center for Nonviolent Communication, CNVC).

Our mission is to ensure that all citizens, groups, and organizations in Ukraine settle conflicts and disputes in a peaceful way through dialogue. The dialogue should only be based on mutual understanding and dignity. While using the practices of international experts, we would like to reach our goal in full scope. And, at the same time, we are eager to support and train Ukrainian specialists for the aforementioned activities as well.

For all these years the main aim of the Dignity Space, established in 2015, has been to promote the development of a social dialogue culture through the dissemination of techniques and skills, created for preventing and resolving violent conflicts of different leves and layers of society, as well as establishing dialogues between conflicting parties. Therefore, restoration of mutual understanding and creation of the preconditions for joint development are a part of our mission likewise.